About Us

Real Fans

We don’t make clothes for the fairweather fan or those climbing on the bandwagon. We make high-quality collegiate apparel for you diehard fans who like to look good.

Remain True®

The Pennington & Bailes label is a promise of craftsmanship that we’ll never betray.

You can buy a t-shirt or jersey for your team just about anywhere. The same can’t be said for finely embroidered stadium pants, an immaculate fitting polo or a button-down with the perfect team colors. We make our clothes for fans who care – because we care. We care about fit, we care about style and we care about authenticity. Others will copy our products, knock off our designs and try to fool you with cheap imitations. We welcome the challenge because we know you'll see the difference. We Remain True® to the standards we've promised since day one when we started this company in 2005.

Our Code of Conduct

Pennington & Bailes fully supports the concept of bringing manufacturing back to the United States of America. We also understand that in today’s economic environment it is important to deliver the quality and value that our customers expect in their products. We are actively engaged in identifying companies for materials and manufacturing that are in the USA and are willing to address the needs of a small business such as ours; including lower minimums and reasonable prices. At this time, we source and buy as many Made in the USA items as we reasonably can. For those items that are produced outside of the USA, we are very selective about how we do business and with whom we do business. We have developed personal relationships with our manufacturing partners; we’ve visited homes and factories, shared photographs of family members, and share notes of congratulations and encouragement. We partner with people we know and we respect; those who share a similar value system rooted in the respect and integrity of the individual. To that end, we are a member of the Fair Labor Association, and have developed a code of conduct we expect all of our manufacturing partners to adhere to regardless of country or location.  You can read more about our Code of Conduct here.